Providing design engineers with a family of infrared detectors with a variety of viewing angles, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has expanded its line of surface mount phototransistors. The infrared photodetector product line includes both silicon phototransistor and photodarlington outputs that provide fast response times and high photo sensitivity for automatic mounting and position sensing equipment. “OPTEK’s phototransistors are available in miniature surface mount packages for customers who need devices that can operate in space-constrained applications,” said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for OPTEK Technology. “Our phototransistors are suitable for applications that require low light signals including non-contact position sensing, datum detection, machine automation, and optical encoding.” – more – OPTEK OFFERS EXPANDED LINE OF SURFACE MOUNT PHOTOTRANSISTORS, PG. 2 The surface mount phototransistor packages include: • OP500/501 Series – housed in 0805 packages with 150° viewing angle and 1.5mW/cm2 apertured power: OP500 (phototransistor output, water clear lens), OP500DA (photodarlington output, water clear lens), OP501 (phototransistor output, opaque lens), OP501DA (photodarlington output, opaque lens); • OP520/521 Series – housed in 1206 packages with 160° viewing angle and 5.0mW/cm2 apertured power: OP520DA (photodarlington output, opaque lens), OP521DA (photodarlington output, water clear lens); • OP525 Series – housed in 1210 packages with 25° viewing angle and 1.5mW/cm2 apertured power: OP525/OP525DA (phototransistor/photodarlington output, water clear 1.8mm domed lens); • OP580 Series – housed in PLCC-2 packages with 100° viewing angle and 5.0mW/cm2 apertured power: OP580DA (photodarlington output, flat window lens).
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