Surface Temperature Sensing & Control Heat Gun


For the first time ever, a heat gun senses, displays and controls actual surface temperatures.  The revolutionary Master Proheat® STC™ from Master Appliance brings work surfaces up to target temperatures quickly. It also provides a continuous surface temperature reading, so you can work at the upper limit of the target temperature cure zone, speeding up the heating process to get the job done fast.  

Just turn on and point the Master Proheat® STC™ Model PH-1600 at a work surface. The surface temperature sensing and control heat gun’s unique Laser Targeting System™ calculates the proper field of view for accurate temperature measurement and work surface temperature is displayed. Then you simply dial-in a target temperature and watch while the displayed surface temperature rises to reach the target.  Once your target temperature is reached, the Master Proheat STC automatically regulates the heater to maintain the target. 

Temperature output is adjusted to compensate for any change in the distance from the work surface.  To prevent a change of the temperature and airflow you have dialed in, the unit’s unique Proloc™ supervisor locking system can lock the controls. 


  • continuous surface temperature reading
  • Laser Targeting System
  • Proloc supervisor system can lock the controls
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