Surfcom Dual Measuring Instrument


Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT) today introduced at two new combination instruments to its Surfcom line. The new Surfcom 2000 and Surfcom 5000 instruments are dual measuring instruments capable of capturing surface and contour values with a single measuring run. The new detector and stylus systems are characteristic features of both machines. Based on a traditional roughness sensor, Surfcom 2000 has a probing range of ±2.5mm while the laser-controlled detector and stylus system on Surfcom 5000 delivers a probing range of up to ±6.5mm – at a resolution of 0.31nm. This combination of a roughness sensor with a large deflection range is the heart of the new Surfcom 2000 and Surfcom 5000 measuring instruments. Surface and contour data can be recorded in only one step with only one stylus. Along with a clearly reduced measuring time and the corresponding increase in productivity, the system is very easy to use as changing styli is no longer necessary. Surfcom 2000 – manual and CNC supported measuring With the patented linear motor technology in the tracer driver, Surfcom 2000 enables very high measuring and travel speeds. Simultaneously, this also means reduced wear and tear and significantly lower maintenance costs. The proven features of the previous Surfcom machines were integrated into Surfcom 2000, including the modular construction, varying column heights, large face plates and large tracer drivers. Particularly valuable for productivity: the Surfcom 2000 measuring instrument can be reconfigured into a fully automatic CNC measuring station with the new CNC table modules. Programming with the TIMS software platform permits fully automatic CNC measuring runs. Surfcom 5000: extremely fast – extremely accurate Surfcom 5000 is equipped with a new laser-guided detector and stylus system and has a probing range of ±6.5mm with a resolution of 0.31nm. Surfcom 5000 offers high measuring speeds with outstanding accuracies. Reduced measuring times and increased product quality are the visible results of this highly accurate surface and contour analysis instrument. The frictionless linear motor technology in the tracer unit and the laser-guided measuring unit reduce maintenance costs and minimize wear-and-tear. In addition, the modular design permits expansion to a topography measuring instrument that allows recording of surfaces in 3D mode. The fully automatic programming option in the TIMS software, make this instrument extremely user friendly and reduces complexity.

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