Surge Protection with Self-Monitoring for Plant Signals


Weidmuller introduces a streamlined solution to protect valuable control panel equipment from damage and breakdowns due to local lightning strikes. The new DIN-rail mounted Varitector VSPC surge protection offers an innovative means to effectively manage the protection of signal circuits in Control and Instrumentation applications.
Weidmuller’s Varitector VSPC includes over 60 models with a robust range of pluggable, replaceable, single- and multi-channel modular surge protection devices (SPDs). Meeting UL 497B requirements, VSPC provides a combination of wire-to-ground and wire-to-wire protection. The separate bases accommodate field connections and make a ground path from the SPD, via the (grounded) DIN-rail.
Targeted at measurement, control, and fieldbus applications, typically in Water and Waste sectors, VSPC is rated for discharge currents up to 20kA (8/20μs). A combination of gas discharge tubes, varistors and suppression diodes, in single- or multi-stage configurations are used to protect nominal voltages between 5 VDC and 230 VAC. VSPCs are suitable for analog current and voltage loops, DC and AC status signals, and a wide variety of serial interface and telephone network installations. To minimize panel rail space, various VPSC models with four conductors (e.g. two analog loops) can be protected by one 17.8mm (0.7inch) wide module.
The key to ensuring a full level of continued protection is the VSPC status monitoring option, which shows when the SPD module replacement is needed. The arrestor condition status is displayed on the device via a green/red indicator. An optional remote display is available via a separate VSPC Control Unit, where up to ten SPD modules may be connected. Other features include colored product marking to easily identify different working voltages between a group of modules mounted together on the rail, models for protecting floating signals, and a portable test accessory (V-TEST).
Recently awarded cULus approvals, the VSPC range is just the first phase of Weidmuller’s Varitector line for the North American market, and extends industrial DIN-rail surge protection functions in both the pluggable and terminal block formats.


  • over 60 models
  • wire-to-ground and wire-to-wire protection
  • separate bases accommodate field connections
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