Switchgear Interlocking Application Guide


New application guide for switchgear interlocking makes it easier to understand and choose interlocks for a wide variety of industrial applications. The guide covers earthing systems; high-, medium- and low-voltage hazards; switching incomers onto common supply busbars; switching UPS systems and generators on to common supply busbars; and controlling the supply from multiple incomers. Working closely with key switchgear manufacturers, Castell assembles interlocks designed specifically for use on the leading OEM’s breakers, isolators, disconnectors and earth mechanisms. 

The new application guide shows how Castell’s interlocks can be used in conjunction with equipment from leading manufacturers. Switchgear isolation can be achieved mechanically, through control circuitry or through power circuitry. In complex operations a number of isolations may need to occur to ensure the plant is safe to work on. With the ability to work across high-, medium- and low-voltage applications, a single Castell system can provide personnel safety and ensure equipment is operated in the correct way.

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