Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission solutions for the industrial, enterprise, broadcast, residential and security markets, has once again expanded its line of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cables designed to carry power from industrial AC drive systems to AC motors. The product additions include eight new Symmetrical Ground Design, 3-conductor 16 to 2 AWG, VFD cables. The new cables are designed and engineered to support a broader range of installation options and customer requirements, including MSHA and UL Direct Burial approvals. They complement the current symmetrical ground design products available in 1 to 4/0 AWG. Belden’s Symmetrical VFD cables feature a highly effective dual copper tape shielding to provide a low resistance path to ground, which improves common mode current containment. In addition, the dual spirally applied tapes provide improved flexibility and highly effective radiated and conducted noise protection. Three symmetrical bare ground wires provide a balanced ground system, which reduces AC motor shaft voltage. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of premature motor bearing or motor insulation failure. All of Belden’s Variable Frequency AC motor drive output cables provide the robust construction required to deliver superior electrical performance and reliability in the most demanding industrial operating environments, characterized by high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions. They offer, industrial-grade XLPE insulated circuit conductors, stranded tinned copper circuit conductors, and industrial-grade, sunlight and oil-resistant PVC jackets. For deployment in extremely hazardous environments, where cables may be exposed to the risk of crushing or cut-through, Belden’s Symmetrical VFD cables are also available in aluminum or steel armored versions.


• UL Temperature Rating: 90°C Wet/Dry • Bulk Cable Weight: 2538 lbs/1000 ft. • Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 5025 lbs. • Min. Bend Radius (Install)/Minor Axis: 17.500 in.
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