Synergy 1000™ Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software



CINCINNATI, OH -- Zontec, Inc. has announced the April 1, 2006 release of Synergy 1000™ Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software for companies seeking a production-based software tool for real-time quality management.

Synergy 1000 enables businesses to standardize the way they organize, store and act upon their production data as it relates to quality. The software is indispensible for companies who need to regularly document contract compliance, generate audit trails and traceability records and who are striving for certification to ISO and TS quality standards. By detecting product defects and nonconformities sooner, Synergy 1000 users are able to reduce waste, lower manufacturing costs and outperform the competition.

Synergy 1000 offers true real-time data collection, charting and color-coded alarms for monitoring process violations and implementing corrective actions on the spot. The system includes built-in gage interfacing for automated data collection, advanced analytical and reporting tools. Short run utilities and gage repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R) are provided at no additional cost. Synergy 1000 runs on Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems and is available in standalone PC or network configurations.
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