Synthetic Coolant that Provides Exceptional Lubricity


Rustlick Vytron-N is a universal synthetic machining coolant valuable in a wide range of applications, including grinding, sawing, tapping, drilling, turning, and milling. Not only is Rustlick Vytron-N low foaming and provides excellent lubricity but it also contributes an extraordinary level of rust protection. The exceptional biostability and superior way-lube rejection of Rustlick Vytron-N keeps the coolant cleaner and thus promotes long-term sump life and prevents rancidity when properly maintained. Furthermore, Rustlick Vytron-N’s transparent solution allows for fast settling of fines and easy visibility of work pieces. Rustlick Vytron-N is good for all-purpose machining and grinding on ferrous metals and is available in 1, 5, or 55 gallon containers.
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