Synthetic Elastomer Provides Durable Bonding and Sealing


A new specially formulated, synthetic-elastomer based, one component adhesive, X-5, has been introduced by Master Bond, Inc., Hackensack, N.J.  This synthetic elastomer adhesive bonds well in both shear and peel to similar and dissimilar surfaces including metals, woods, most plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber, paper, leather, wallboard and insulation, concrete, plastic foams and stone. It can be used for high performance bonding and sealing. Master Bond X-5 contains 30% solids and has a carefully designed aliphatic solvent blend which evaporates as the cure proceeds.  An initial set takes place in Master Bond X-5 as soon as most of the solvent has evaporated.  The strength of this initial set usually suffices to maintain the assembly and, with some adherends, will exceed the strength of the material.  X-5 has a service temperature range of  -75°F to 275°F.


Master Bond X-5 is a readily flowable liquid with a nominal viscosity of 3,000 cps.  It can be further thinned with ketone solvents, etc.  Cured Master Bond X-5 adhesive retains its high strength even after exposure to or immersion in water and many other chemicals including fuels, oils, etc. Master Bond X-5 also features superior electrical insulation properties with a volume resistivity greater than 1010 ohm-cm.  The adhesive meets MMM-A-1617 Type III specifications.
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