Synthetic Rope Overhead Crane


Offering capacities up to 6.3 tons, the S-series crane uses synthetic rope and a tilted hoist drum to propel overhead crane performance beyond current limits. The "S” stands for synthetic rope, which through exhaustive testing has been revealed to be stronger than steel, much cleaner than steel, and significantly safer to handle.


In a series of tests, Konecranes synthetic rope challenged similarly rated steel wire rope for strength and durability. In each case, the synthetic rope performed better than steel. After being submerged for five hours in hydrochloric acid, the steel wire was visibly corroded. When stress-tested, the acid-exposed steel wire rope broke well before its rated capacity, while the acid-exposed synthetic rope continued to perform like new, surpassing the five-times safety factor.


Unlike a traditional wire rope hoist, S-series’ reeving design with tilted drum prevents ropes from crossing, and the fleet angles remain straight all the way up to the drum, preventing the block from twisting as it sometimes does on a wire rope hoist.


The S-series also features a hook block design that includes more long-wearing composite parts, estimated to last 45% longer than steel. And because the rope is made of synthetic material, the drum no longer needs lubrication, reducing maintenance costs for the customer. 


Another innovation is the main girder, which comes with a first-ever sliding connection that allows the end truck to automatically adjust itself on the runway, reducing wheel and runway wear. It is also easily adjustable in cases of span misalignment or out of tolerance runways.


Three standard Safe Features include Snag Prevention, Hook Centering, and Follow Me, which help speed up operations while protecting employees and infrastructure.


Variable speed control for all movements is also standard on Konecranes S-series. It has stepless inverter control for hoisting as well as travel, plus Adaptive Speed Range (ASR) that adjusts the maximum lifting speed to the weight of the load for safer and more productive use. In simple terms, ASR facilitates faster load cycles with lighter loads.


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