T-REX Work Gloves


Keeping wearers cool and comfortable, the coreless T-REX TRXDXG49 gloves offer protection from impact and cut injuries while simultaneously providing good grip in heavy liquids and oils.


The TRXDXG49 is the first impact-resistant glove to incorporate Magid’s TriTek Palm coating on a DX Technology coreless shell. TriTek provides over 2X the abrasion resistance of other coatings in its unique, multi-layered construction with an outer layer that absorbs oil for a solid grip and an inner layer that deflects oil to keep hands dry.


The coreless DX Technology shell is made of specially engineered yarn infused with strength-enhancing microparticles for protection against cuts without the use of a steel or fiberglass core that can cause irritation and contact dermatitis.


The TRXDXG49’s M-Force Defense System provides back-of-hand protection to deflect and absorb impacts, meeting level 2 impact protection standards (ANSI/ISEA 138-2019). Impact protection extends from the back of the wearer’s hands to the fingertips, including between the thumb and index fingers. The glove shell is ANSI rated level A4 for cut, level 5 for abrasion and level 3 for puncture resistance (ANSI/ISEA 105-2016).


  • TriTek Palm coating strengthens grip and minimizes saturation in heavy liquid and oil applications
  • Resilient TriTek coating provides over 2X the abrasion resistance of other coatings for durability while maintaining extreme dexterity
  • DX Technology uses non-irritating strength enhancing micro particles to achieve higher levels of cut protection without the discomfort that fiberglass or steel can cause
  • 13-Gauge DX Technology engineered yarn delivers extreme comfort that is 20% lighter than a traditional HPPE of the same cut level
  • DX Technology feels cool to the touch which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working
  • M-Force Defense System back-of-hand protection extends all the way to the finger tips and between thumb and index finger to deflect and absorb impacts
  • Reinforced thumb saddle enhances durability at a critical wear point
  • Color-coded overcast acts as a visual aid for sizing and reduces fraying
  • Machine washable for longer service life
  • ANSI Level A4 Cut Resistance, ANSI Level 5 Abrasion Resistance, and ANSI Level 3 Puncture Resistance
  • ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Level 2 (Level 2 protection on knuckles and Level 2 protection on fingers)
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