“T4” New Heavy Duty Thruster


Bimba Manufacturing announced the introduction of their new heavy duty “T4” Thruster today. Available in bore sizes 2” and larger, this new thruster offers the smooth actuation of the “T” series Thrusters, while delivering twice the static load-carrying capability. With the same distinct design as the original Thruster series, including a black anodized body and precision re-circulating ball bearings, the “T4” provides ultra smooth actuation. At the same time, four guide shafts, instead of the typical two, double the load-carrying capacity and reduce deflection. “Doubling the load carrying without doubling the cost is a great advantage for customers with heavy duty applications,” said Tom Carlson, Bimba’s Linear Thruster Product Manager. “For 30% more than the ‘T’ series Thruster, a customer gets significant increase in load capacity and great value.” The Bimba “T4” Thruster is available in 2”, 2.5” and 3” bores and comes in standard stroke lengths of 1” to 12” increments. Strokes up to 36” are also available. Optional features include air cushions, internal and external bumpers, and magnetic position sensing.

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