Tabletop Pill Counter Automatically Stops If Bottle is Missing


The Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter features a proprietary Smart Bottle Sensor System that continuously monitors the discharge chutes for the presence of a bottle and automatically halts the filling operation if no bottle is present or if a filled bottle remains in place. Developed to offer highly accurate, automated pill counting technology in an entry-level model, the Pharmafill TC4 continuously counts and discharges the pills into bottles, shifting non-stop, back and forth, from the left discharge chute to the right. An operator places empty bottles under the discharge chutes for filling, removes the filled bottles for capping, and replaces them with more empty bottles ready for filling. In the event of operator error, the Smart Bottle Sensor System automatically stops the machine and, when resolved, automatically resumes filling.


Ideal for growing contract packaging, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical companies, the versatile TC4 automatically counts tablets, capsules, caplets, lozenges, softgels, and other solid oral dose products with 99.95% accuracy at up to 2,000 per minute, including transparent, translucent and opaque products. The easy-to-use TC4 includes the company's proprietary touch-screen HMI as standard and is available with vibratory feeders, hoppers, and other accessories as options. The portable, compact tablet counting machine measures 34 x 21 x 30 in. for easy setup and movement to serve multiple production lines.


  • Typical coated tablet, diameter .25 in.: 2,500-3,000 per minute
  • Typical capsule, size 00: 1,000 to 1,500 per minute
  • Maximum Filling Rate 2,000 pills per minute
  • Accuracy Typically 99.99% (1 error per 10,000 pills) at optimal conditions
  • Fills bottles up to 10-in. in height
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