Tact Low Sound (TLS) Series Switch


The Tact Low Sound (TLS) Series of switches provides advanced haptic communication with ultra-soft feedback that can be customized to meet vehicle interior requirements.


The compact switch with J leads gives engineers the flexibility to reduce the size of the printed circuit board, or add functionality to the design. The IP54 sealed switch offers protection against dust, liquid, and humidity. Rated to 500K cycles, the TLS Series ensures high reliability and long-life performance.


The TLS Series switch is available in two versions, the STD model delivers 50% tactile feeling with 0.9 mm travel and an actuation force of 4, 7 or 10N. The low tactile version features 30% tactile feeling while other characteristics remain the same. The pre-travel allows easy integration by compensating tolerances of other components included in the application.

The TLS Series is commonly designed for vehicle consoles, panels, steering wheels, paddles, window lifters, seat adjusters, and other in-cabin applications.
The TLS Series has an operating temperature of -40 to 90°C, a power value of 10 mu VA min. / 0.8 VA max, a voltage of DC 1V min. / 16 V max, and a current rating of 10 mu A min. / 50 mA max.


Contact Rating16V DC 50mA
Electrical Life300,000 to 500,000
Contact Resistance< 100mO
Insulation Resistance> 100 MO
Dielectric Strength> 250 Vrms
Operating Temp.-40 to 194°F (-40 to 90°C)
SolderabilityLead-free reflow soldering process according to IEC61760-1
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