Tank Washing Nozzles


BETE has expanded their line of HydroWhirl Poseidon® nozzles to include lower flow rates from 4.45 GPM to 26.3 GPM. The smaller-sized tank washing nozzles are designed to fit through openings as small as 2”, while maintaining a slow and controlled rotation speed. Complete 360° omnidirectional coverage allows for increased impact and cleaning efficiency. The features of the HydroWhirl Poseidon line of nozzles include a slow spinning spray and a longer spray dwell time on the target surface, which increases impact compared to conventional rotating designs.

Fluid-driven and lubricated, these rotating tank cleaning nozzles are constructed of corrosion-resistant PTFE material and are ideal for harsh chemical environments. Bearing-less design provides a slow, nearly constant rotation speed over the operating pressure range.   Made in the U.S.A. from FDA-approved materials for use in Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications, the Poseidon family of nozzles has a simple, maintenance-friendly design that allows for reliable operation and disassembly, inspection/cleaning, and reassembly with basic hand tools. A large range of flow rates from 4.45 to 82.4 gpm are available.


  • flow rates from 4.45 GPM to 26.3 GPM
  • fit through openings as small as 2”
  • 360° omnidirectional coverage

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