Tap Extractors


Remove broken taps and save the threads! Walton Tap Extractors remove broken taps without drilling, lasers, damaged threads, scrapped parts or repair inserts.

The hardened steel fingers of Walton Tap Extractors fit in the flutes of a broken tap to back it out simply and safely. This effective method has been used since 1908. They are available in every tap size, both inch and metric, as handy sets or individual pieces. Our Tap Extractors will fit both NC and NF taps.


Walton Tap Extractors are designed specifically for:

• #4 to 1-1/2" (3mm to 38mm) machine screw and hand taps, in all standard flute styles

• 1/8" to 1" Pipe Taps

• #4 to 5/8” Helical Coil "STI" Taps


Tap Extractors are available in standard or custom sets of 6 to 15 tools per set. All sets are packed in a sturdy molded plastic case.

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