Taps Handle Extreme Abrasives


A-H family of taps are a new generation of Premium HSS-E and HSSE-PM Taps for hardened steel and cast iron materials.


The A-H family of taps is best for tapping extremely abrasive materials and those materials with elevated hardness levels, such as cast iron, common in the heavy equipment, and agricultural vehicle markets. The taps are available with or without coolant through holes and with TiCN coating, or NT nitride surface treatment, for improved tool life.


Premium HSS-E A-H Taps can tap materials up to 48 Rc hardness. Emuge HSSE-PM A-HCUT Taps can tap materials between 44 and 55 Rc hardness and feature a hard, heat resistant, powdered metal substrate for enhanced cutting performance and extended tool life. The taps, with TiCN coating, enhance the surface hardness and help increase the tools' abrasion resistance. A coolant-fed version with axial coolant holes helps aid in chip evacuation.


The A-H family of taps is suitable for short chipping hardened steel and cast iron, and are offered in a Rekord A style for through and blind hole applications. UNC/ UNF thread sizes along with Metric and Metric Fine sizes are available.

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