Task Support Vehicle


The Big Joe J1 “Joey” combines attributes of elevating work platforms, order pickers and tuggers in a compact and capable vehicle design.  Developed as an alternative to rolling ladders or other larger equipment, the Joey can support tasks from general overhead maintenance to order picking.  The new Joey can elevate an operator 126” from the floor, work efficiently in aisles under 7’, and can be driven at height to move from task to task.  Travel is provided by a high efficiency AC drive motor that can be programmed through the onboard LCD dash, while power comes from a 224AH AGM maintenance free battery pack that supports opportunity charging from standard 120v outlets.  The Joey features a large 31.5” x 20.5” front load tray, a stowable rear tray, and an operator’s compartment that can carry up to 1,000lbs combined.  

While managers will appreciate the unit’s capability and correlating productivity benefits, drivers will enjoy precise controls, exceptional maneuverability, and solid stability at height resulting from the vehicles innovative design. The Joey can turn tightly in motion via a 180 degree articulating central front drive wheel, while speed is automatically reduced when elevated.  An I-beam channel mast behind the operator and unitized steel frame comprise the foundation of a very durable little truck that protects both the operator and major components from harm.  The Joey features intuitive finger-tip controls built into the operator compartment’s guardrails and includes electronic power steering, lift, lower, horn, and infinitely variable speed control.  The Joey was developed based on input from dozens of retail, warehousing and distribution firms over the past 3 years whose needs were not being met by existing equipment. Based on extensive field testing the Joey has received excellent reviews from users noting both performance and ease of use. Like all Big Joe equipment, the Joey was built from the ground up to deliver low operating cost to users and includes best of breed components from many of the world’s top suppliers.  Rather than reinvent new proprietary systems that add complexity and cost, many of the major components are shared with other models in the Big Joe product offering. 


  • can elevate an operator 126” from the floor
  • can be driven at height to move from task to task
  • high efficiency AC drive motor
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