TBM2G Series Frameless Servo Motors


Simplifying the design of collaborative, surgical, aerospace & defense, and other robots, the TBM2G Series of frameless servo motors deliver optimal performance in a lighter, more compact package. The series is ready to perform with high torque in an extremely compact electromagnetics package while integrating advanced materials, windings, and flexibility across a wide array of applications.


  • 7 frame sizes that meet the most popular embedded equipment and collaborative robot (cobot) designs
  • Designed for operation at 48V DC and below
  • Optional integrated Hall sensors that don’t increase motor length
  • Multiple standard thermal sensor options to match the most popular drive options in the cobot market
  • Windings optimized for speed and torque requirements in 8 and 33 lb. (3.5 and 15 kg) collaborative robot applications
  • Designed to perform well without exceeding 185°F (85°C), but also capable of sustaining full performance at up to 311 °F (155°C) winding temperature on a continuous basis
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