Teachable Cobot With Human Senses


Show OB7 what to do by moving it through the steps. OB7 will interpret the motions and automatically learn the required operational steps. OB7's advanced "teach by touch" design provides simplicity, effectiveness, and broad capability.


OB7's arm has 7 moving joints to reach around objects and obstacles in the work area – which is not possible for robots with 6 joints. Each of the 7 joints can rotate 360-deg. in both directions. OB7 has the flexibility and versatility to work in existing production environments with no need to reorganize or retool.



  • OB7 ELIMINATES coding and programming
  • Show OB7 the job and it learns
  • Job modifications are simple with one finger drag-and-drop
  • Complex functions like grid packaging, machine interfaces, stacking and imported CAD paths are simple due to OB7's learning process
  • OB7 remembers its jobs for future use
  • OB7 safely senses collisions at every joint, and stops
  • Safely stop OB7 by hand
  • Tap OB7 to restart when operation paused
  • No guarding required at safe collaborative speeds
  • High-speed operation with optional Laser Safety Scanner
  • ISO 10218-1 Safety Compliant
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