Tech Tip: A Better Sensor Design


"Fox Tech Tip: Advantages of Sensor Technology - Accuracy and Meter Calibration" describes the two most common sensor designs: “dry” and “wet”. The fundamental difference in these designs is the materials used inside the RTDs which play a vital role in the overall performance of the sensor and directly affects the accuracy of flow measurement. Read the tech tip to discover the most important components of RTD design and learn how Fox Thermal’s sensor design allows for better heat transfer, minimal drift, higher accuracy, faster response time, and protection from the effects of moisture.


Fox thermal flow meters are commonly used to provide accurate gas flow measurement for industrial and oil & gas applications.  Benefits of Fox Thermal meters in these applications include: 

  • Gas-SelectX gas selection tool for field-selectable gases/gas mixes without re-calibration at the factory
  • Direct mass flow measurement at very low flow rates
  • Superb turndown for upset conditions: up to 1000:1
  • Accuracy specification that exceeds regulation requirements for monitoring devices
  • In-situ Calibration Validation for mandated verification of device calibration
  • Easy to install – insertion and inline styles available
  • Rugged, low-maintenance design - available with remote sensors
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