Teflon® PTFE Film


Skived PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film is super slippery and resistant to extreme temperatures (up to 500F) and chemicals. Teflon® Film has superior dielectric strength. Examples of electrical applications include capacitor films, harnesses for electrical wiring in automotive and aerospace applications, spacers for transformers and other electrical insulation applications. Also used as a release sheet, barrier material, sliding surface, mold liner.


Teflon® PTFE Films are sold by the sheet, lineal foot, continuous footage, slit width, die cut, laminated. Virgin Grade, General Purpose - No Adhesive / White Color. Thickness range from .001 to .125 thick. Specialty Adhesive can be laminated to Teflon® Film such as œHigh Bond and œPE Bond.

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