Temperature Profiling Solutions include: data loggers, thermal barriers, etc.


System solutions for temperature profiling include a wide range of data loggers, thermocouples, and thermal barriers. They are complemented by the uniquely versatile DATAPAQ  insight software, which supports easy setup, quality assurance, documentation, and reporting of all types of reflow soldering processes, including wave, vapor phase, and selective soldering as well as reworking.

The DATAPAQ Q18 data loggers pass through SMT processes along with the PC boards, compiling detailed temperature profiles. Featuring automatic analysis, traffic light signals, and programmable alarms, the loggers instantly show whether the specification for the profile is compromised.


  • Sample Interval:0.05 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Accuracy:±0.5ºC (±0.9ºF)
  • Resolution:0.1ºC (0.2ºF)
  • Maximum Internal Operating Temperature:85ºC (185ºF)
  • Temperature Range:-200ºC to 1370ºC (-328ºF to 2498ºF)
  • Memory:18,000 readings per channel
  • Data collection start:Start/Stop buttons, time or temperature trigger
  • Battery:NiMH rechargeable
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