Temperature Switches Now Offer Two Sensing Ranges


The ProSense line has made improvements to its line of TSD25 temperature switches with the TSDA25 series. The improved switches provide higher accuracy and a standard sized 6 mm diameter probe.


With an extremely durable housing with 316 stainless steel wetted parts and no moving parts, The TSDA25 series offers simple temperature monitoring and control.


The series has two temperature sensing ranges available: -4° to 284°F (-20° to 140°C) and -13° to 284°F (-25° to 140°C). Two normally open or two complementary PNP normally open/normally closed switching DC outputs are available and LEDs indicate switching and operating status. 


  • Temperature sensing ranges: 
    • -4 to 284°F (-20 to 140°C) TSDA25N-0P-0284-H
    • -13 to 284°F (-25 to 140°C) TSDA25N-AP-0284-H
  • Higher accuracy Class A RTD
  • Standard 6mm probes
  • Drop in replacement for TSD25 series
  • $89.00
  • 3–year warranty 
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