Terminal Blocks for Recurring Control


Weidmuller introduces their Klippon Connect A-Series Application Range modular terminal blocks. Featuring push-in technology, the new A-Series Application Range products are designed specifically for use in recurring control cabinet applications to help increase efficiency and safety, and reduce costs. This range includes terminals for voltage/current transformer wiring, signal wiring, control voltage distribution and power distribution.


The A-Series Application Range offers users custom-fit control panel solutions to help increase productivity and significantly reduce cabinet space when compared with traditional terminal set-ups. The initiator-actuator terminal blocks offer increased wiring density with up to four different potentials in a 3.5mm (0.14”) width. The range includes modular terminals for connecting two to four conductor sensors or actuators with and without ground connection points. Solid and stranded wires with wire-end ferrules can be connected quickly and reliably with a PUSH IN connection¬¬– no tools required. The connection system is color-coded to minimize the chance of incorrect connections and help make installation and maintenance more efficient. In addition, each contact point has a corresponding test point where test plugs may be inserted. This enables testing of the different potentials at each contact point to help reduce test time in the control cabinet. 


The A-Series Application Range allows for clear and compact set-ups for control voltage distribution purposes and can be specified to individual machine types. A standardized distributor terminal block design and simple cross-connection options help save space and prevent incorrect wiring. Two possible set-ups – alternating and grouped – increase flexibility. The alternating set-up features two different potentials on one terminal, providing space-savings compared with conventional set-ups. Clear contact assignment and individual contact points help simplify maintenance and modification tasks. The structured block solution can be easily combined with modular terminal blocks of the same size, and uses standard accessories. Additional terminal blocks are easily added using a second cross-connection channel.


Using the Weidmuller Configurator, a free software download available on the Weidmuller website at http://www.weidmuller.com/weidmullerconfigurator, users can plan, select and order the exact A-Series Application products needed for their recurring control panel applications.


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