Terminal Blocks with Rated Current Up to 57 Amps


FSLD 6-10/3A have a width of 8.1 mm. Up to three stranded or
solid wires up to 10 mm² can be connected, with a
rated current up to 57 amps.

Solid wires and stranded wires with wire-end ferrules can be inserted
into the PushIn connection system without the need for tools. The
pressure spring opens automatically when the wire is inserted; this
ensures a secure contact with the busbar. A standard screwdriver can be used to open the clamp for release when inserting the stranded wire without ferrules.
With the FSLI protective earth terminals, the PE potential is connected via the PE foot (which contacts the DIN rail on both sides).

Two inner cross-connection channels allow the voltage potential to
be distributed to adjacent terminals. For multiplying the potentials,
we offer the FIQI cross-connection system, available with from 2 to 10 poles.


  • PushIn pressure-spring connection
  • Two cross-connection options
  • PE foot makes contact with the DIN rail on both sides
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