TESCOM Anderson Greendwood Instrumentation H2 Valve Series


The TESCOM Anderson Greendwood Instrumentation H2 Valve Series is for hydrogen applications up to 15,000 psi. They reliably isolate process pressure in high pressure gas applications, reducing fugitive emissions and improving safety. The Double Block Bleed valve’s positive double block arrangement provides two layers of positive shutoff that shield maintenance staff from high pressure during instrument maintenance. Its modular design reduces the number of potential leakage points, and the reinforced sealing technology reduces the risk of fuel entering the atmosphere through the valve stem.


The hand-operated, maintenance-free design of the hand valves and double block and bleed valves in the H2 Valve Series minimizes maintenance and downtime. With low operating torque and adjustment-free seal technology, these hand valves deliver a low cost of ownership in a compact solution.


Each valve has a QR code, allowing operators to quickly access the valve’s specs during maintenance and installation. The product also ensures that no high-pressure liquid or gas is released during maintenance.


  • Ease of installation and operations due to lighter, compact design and Double Block & Bleed bonnet ergonomics
  • Positive shutoff performance, non-rotating stem tip
  • Low fugitive emissions stem seal arrangement
  • No stem packing adjustment during operational service
  • Double Block & Bleed configuration provides ‘true’ process isolation at closure shut-off point (process path)
  • Available in various configurations to suit instrumentation valve applications for the full range of system designs
  • Visual identification of valve bonnet function with color-coded valve tags
  • Safety weep holes for packing & process connection integrity
  • Tested for compliance to ISO 19880.3 Valves: Gaseous Hydrogen Fueling Stations
  • QR code for quick access to online product documentation, local support, and distribution
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