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Amprobe Test Tools introduces 40 new products that conduct a wide range of measurements. The suite of new products helps electrical, HVAC, and industrial technicians get their everyday jobs done more quickly while saving money.

The new products cover a wide array of applications, including a solar power suite for installations and maintenance; True-RMS swivel clamps for convenient, accurate current measurement; thermocouple and RTD thermometers to measure temperature; hotwire anemometers to check airflow; and high voltage installation and resistance testers to verify insulation of wires and motors. The innovative new test tools include:
•    INSP-3 Wiring Inspector – verifies building wiring compliance to electrical code, especially voltage drop under load. All relevant test data is displayed on a single screen, eliminating the need to scroll or switch screens, saving the operator time. It’s ideal for residential and commercial inspections.

•    ACD-23SW TRMS Swivel Clamp – part of Amprobe’s complete line of CATIII, 600 V swivel clamp meters that are ideal for close and difficult-to-reach work environments. The ACD- 23SW features a unique swivel clamp as well as a backlight function. 

•    TMD Dual-Input Digital and RTD (resistive thermal devices) Thermometers – save time and steps with two-way wireless remote access to measurements. Amprobe offers a comprehensive suite of thermometers for HVAC/R applications including the only wireless RTD thermometer currently sold in the market.

•    SOLAR-600 Solar Analyzer – for testing, maintaining, and troubleshooting solar panels. The SOLAR-600 is part of a full line of solar testers that enable contractors to take advantage of the record growth in solar energy investment.

•    AMB-50, AMB-55 and AMB-110 Insulation Resistance Testers - for advanced insulation diagnostics with selectable test voltages, automatic polarization index, dielectric discharge and dielectric absorption rate calculations — all measured and displayed in one single measurement.

•    ACD-45 Power Quality Clamp – measures power, energy and power factor on single- and three-phase systems (balanced and unbalanced). Its ultra-slim jaw design allows technicians to clamp around conductors in confined and difficult-to-reach places.


  • 40 new products
  • cover a wide array of applications
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