Tethered Tool System


Take your jobsite safety to new heights with the new lineup of tethered tools and solutions from PROTO®. The new PROTO® tethering tools system works with the SkyHook™ system, and includes 11 types of lanyards, eight sizes of tool collars, seven different looped heat shrinks for retrofitting. PROTO tether ready tools include 130 different sockets, 80 wrenches, 32 screwdrivers and hex keys, 22 striking and struck tools, and 27 pliers and specialty tools. All of these tools and accessories work within the PROTO SkyHook™ system, or with traditional lanyards.

The key to the PROTO® tethering system is its ability to deliver safety without inhibiting productivity. The tethered tools utilize active attachments that are always engaged, even during transfer. This creates an almost “hands-free” solution, which requires only a short lanyard be connected from a user’s hand to wrist. If a tool is dropped, it falls only a short distance. The tethering system is easy to adapt as docks can easily be added onto standard tool belts, tool bags, or work platforms, and you can also retrofit your existing tools to work within the PROTO® tethering system.

The PROTO® tethering system is perfect for technicians and contractors in the oil, gas, energy and construction industries as they seek a solution that helps them adhere to fall protection regulations,  while also maintaining productivity when working at height. “For oil and gas, and many of the industries where we work today, tool tethering will be the next wave of regulation around working at height. We see our new tethered tools system as a way users can work at height safely, productively and efficiently,” said Alan English, senior brand manager. “We’re committed to providing quality tools that offer the safest solutions, and our SkyHook™ technology promises to deliver on that mission.” 


  • Active attachments for constant engagement
  • Works with the SkyHook™ tether system
  • Short lanyards for greater safety
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