The Cobot Welder


The Cobot Welder, powered by Beacon, is a complete, user-friendly collaborative robot (cobot) welding system that enables painless automated welding deployments. Ready to use out of the box, the unit comes with all the hardware and software required for automated welding.


The equipment includes a UR10e cobot, a Miller Invision 352-MPa cobot package, a Tregaskiss robotic torch, a mobile cart with a standard 5/8-in. dia. on 2-in. center hole pattern, and a smartphone application which allows for quick robot programming with no pendant required. Users can configure real-time alerts to know when the cobot needs attention—such as when a job is finished—so that they can maximize production. Additionally, the cobot provides precise cycle times and consumable usage. 


The Cobot Welder, powered by Beacon, takes advantage of Beacon’s role-based access so you can control who can operate your Cobot Welder and who can teach parts. Beacon is a free software solution that provides a toolset to help users understand how their application is running and gain visibility into issues to proactively support production.


  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot (51-in. reach)
  • Miller Cobot Welding Package, including an Invision 352 MPa pulsed welder and S74 feeder
  • Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun
  • Hirebotics' Smart Puck for software-free teaching
  • Siegmund 48 x 32 in. welding cart
  • Operator panel with emergency stop
  • Cobot Welder software application on the Beacon platform
  • Price: $75,600
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