The Eclipse8, Newest Outdoor Siren


Introducing the most recent outdoor warning system innovation by Federal Signal -- the Eclipse8 Electro-Mechanical Siren. The Eclipse8 is a mid-sized DC-powered omni-directional siren for outdoor warning. It is powerful yet lightweight and provides coverage with a maximum sound pressure level of 115dBC at 100 feet.

The "8" in the name represents the eight projector horns which give the siren full 360° omni-directional sound coverage. It has three distinct signal options, Steady, Wail, and Fast Wail, and will supply a minimum of 15 minutes of siren operation from its batteries even after 24 hours without AC power. One-way and two-way radio control or landline options are available. The Eclipse8 has a 100% aluminum design, an optional roof-mount stand, and 5-year limited warranty.

When you need high efficiency and reliable outdoor warning, the Eclipse8 is the perfect choice for your facility or community.


• Highly-efficient design produces 115 dBC at 100 feet • 100% Aluminum Design • 5-Year Limited Warranty • Three distinct signals to choose from: STEADY, WAIL, and FAST WAIL • Pole mount is standard
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