The Eco-Shroud


Blastrac, a world leader in surface preparation technologies, is proud to introduce the Eco-Shroud. Setting a new standard for dust control and clean-up, the Eco-Shroud is a vacuum shroud designed and engineered for use on a wide variety of grinders to provide maximum results from hand-held grinding and polishing tools. The vac-shroud is a key component for increased productivity in the use of concrete grinders and polishers. The shroud aids in reducing dust during grinding and polishing procedures thus, increasing visibility and helping maintain air quality in the work area. New OSHA regulations are being considered for the operation of power tools used to “cut, grind, core, or drill concrete.” To minimize airborne dust generated by concrete grinders, CALOSHA may soon require the use of a “dust reduction system” on such tools to help protect the health and safety of workers. Blastrac’s Eco-Shroud makes economical sense without sacrificing quality. A cleaner work area improves safety and job productivity, and allows multiple trades to work on the same jobsite. The Eco-Shroud is friendly for the environment by helping control dust particulates and contaminates. With the Eco-Shroud there is no need to purchase a different shroud for each type of grinder used. Blastrac’s Eco-Shroud easily adapts to most grinders on the market and is easy to install with no tools required. The Eco-Shroud offers great economy for the bottom line while allowing quality standards to be maintained.
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