The HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4


HELUKABEL® offers a Wind Turbine Cable that is specially designed for torsional application in cable loops and successfully passed the challenging CSA FT4 flame test! The rigors of wind power environments make high demands on the quality of cable: mechanical load, aggressive oil, extreme temperatures. While in one part of the world wind turbine cables are required to resist extreme heat, in another ice threatens their operability. Based on over 30 years of experience in designing and producing wire & cable, the faith in high-quality raw materials and constant research & development HELUKABEL® developed a product that withstands these forces and therefore exactly meets the requirements of wind turbine manufacturers.

Properties of the HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4:

•    extremely abrasion resistant with a significantly longer lifetime than rubber cable
•    halogen-free and highly flame-retardant
•    extremely oil resistant; the cable was tested successfully for the aggressive oil effectively used in wind power turbines
•    superior twisting and flexing performance: the torsion application of +/-150° per 1m is tested in more than 16,000 cycles in the 27 ft high HELUKABEL® research tower that reproduces construction and conditions of the cable loop within a wind tower
•    UV- and seawater resistant (suitable for offshore-installation)
•    temperature range of -40°C to 90°C (UL: 80°C)
•    approvals:    UL, CSA, RoHS, CE (VDE and WTTC in preparation)

Because of these multiple properties the HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4 may be applied under all climatic conditions. This provides long-term cost benefits to the manufacturers of wind turbines: it releases them from managing and stocking different types of cables for various locations of installation. In this manner the assembly of the wind power turbines is independent from its installation location.

HELUKABEL® is an international manufacturer and supplier of wires, cables and cable accessories with sales of 500 Million USD in 2008. The company specializes in flexible and continuous flex cable as well as products for renewable energy applications: The first custom made cable for wind power applications was developed 15 years ago. The companies’ headquarters in Germany and warehouses in over 40 countries serve costumers all over the world. Products complying with the following standards are in stock or will be manufactured on request: UL, CSA, BS, HAR, VDE, TÜV, CCC, GOST-R.


Flexible PVC Tray Cable • Minimum bending radius for installation: 5x cable diameter • Temperature Range: -40° C to +90° C UL/CSA TC -40° C to +90° C UL AWM • Nominal Voltage 600 V - TC 1000 V - AWM 1000 V TC Wind Turbine (WTTC) • Test Voltage: 3000 V
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