The Leader's Guide to Speaking with Presence


The Leader's Guide to Speaking with Presence reveals the value of speaking with impact, whether from a podium, at a conference table, or during a conversation in the cafeteria. It offers help to anyone called to lead not only say the right words, but say them in a way that commands attention and respect while engaging the hearts and minds of listeners.


Readers will discover the keys to:

  • Crafting a strong presentation and delivering it with dynamism
  • Radiating confidence when speaking before an audience
  • Tapping into the magic of storytelling to inform, involve, and inspire employees
  • Projecting infectious optimism tempered with healthy doses of reality
  • Using PowerPoint effectively to provide context, specific examples, and headlines
  • Mastering the arts of meeting, mingling, and purposeful small talk
  • Getting points across with clarity, leveraging the energy in the room, and more
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