The Myth of “Easy” DIY Enterprise Mobility Management


By Ross Homans, VP of Operational Programs at Stratix

Your enterprise IT support team is an invaluable part of reducing the headaches of your day-to-day business functionality. Lose a laptop? Call IT. Set up a new employee? Call IT. Dealing with a phishing email? Call IT.


Want to establish effective, efficient and responsive endpoint management for an entire ecosystem of mobile devices? The “myth”, or conventional wisdom, says that it should just be another support task – an “easy” add-on. But if you want to get this done right…maybe your IT team could use a little support of their own.


In-house Enterprise Mobility Management or Endpoint Management sounds like it should be as easy as in-house desktop support, but it’s a completely different animal. Endpoint Management means specialized support and management of a host of disparate mobile devices, apps and service providers for different parts of your business. Warehouses employees will have completely different requirements and challenges that retail employees or corporate employees. 


More importantly, you have to maintain a robust spare pool of replacement devices with quick deployment capability and smart RMA management. The more devices and users you have in your enterprise, the more possibilities there are for disruption of your most mission-critical processes.


Managing all of that under one roof with a single point of contact can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why the worldwide market for third-party Enterprise Mobility Management solutions is predicted to grow to $3.3 billion by year-end 2021!


Having a dependable IT support team is one thing but scaling those resources to support enterprise-level mobility management is quite another. After all, the time they spend trying to scale up to support your mobile device ecosystem is time they can’t spend on revenue-generating projects. The resources dedicated to that scaling are a huge drain on your budget and the productivity of your support personnel. Worst of all, you lose the flexibility to run, improve and grow your business with your mobile spend.

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