The Proton Solenoid Interlocking Safety Switch w/RFID


The Proton advanced solenoid interlock switch can withstand up to 3000N hold force and energize under a lateral load. The internal speci­fications meet the requirements for CAT4, SIL3 and will maintain PL-e even when connected in series. The unique mounting holes allow for easy installation on 3-sides making it ideal for both hinged and sliding door applications.


The spring-loaded actuator allows the interlock switch to excel at misalignment tolerances. Its fail-safe design includes a uniquely coded RFID signal (4 billion codes), so only when the actuator plunger and RFID signal are matched, will the Proton operate. Each switch includes 2 OSSD inputs and 2 OSSD outputs that are designed for series connection. Up to a maximum of 30 switches can be connected simultaneously. The Proton includes 6 LEDs, 3 on each side that display the same data and provide visual diagnostics for all states of the device.

Distributor Info:

Norstat now offers the Proton solenoid interlock switch. Contact Norstat for additional information, pricing, and availability.


  • Advanced solenoid interlock – power to unlock
  • RGB indication for advanced diagnostics – visible from all mounting positions
  • Powerful locking mechanism supports 2000N+ holding force
  • Emergency solenoid release keys on 3 Sides
  • Self-aligning actuator with coded RFID
  • External device monitoring with 2A output rating
  • IP67 fully sealed
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