The Swiss Army Knife for CAN


Ixxat CANnector, a flexible solution for logging, bridging, and extending CAN networks, offers additional interfaces and functions, as well as data logging functionality. Since it is compatible with CAN@net NT and CANbridge NT, CANnector enables easy expansion of existing installations.


CANnector is a stand-alone device, which means that no PC is needed. In addition to a generic CANnector, three preconfigured versions are offered:

  • CANnector Range – For simple CAN(FD) range extension via Ethernet or as a CAN interface connected to the PC via Ethernet.
  • CANnector Bridge – CAN(FD) bridge/gateway, frame or signal-based and with functions including online floating-point data manipulation for all bus systems.
  • CANnector Log – Data logger with trigger and ring buffer as well as a low-power sleep mode with wake-up on CAN(FD), for logging frame or signal-based CAN(FD) data.

After unpacking and connecting, all three versions can be used directly. As the base hardware is the same, and the different functions of CANnector are provided by loadable configurations, all CANnectors can be reconfigured to include the functionality of choice.


A powerful Linux platform allows CANnector to execute complex applications and data manipulations directly on the device. The support of bus description files also enables operation on signal level. By using "Wake-up on CAN" and the possibility to switch off the TX function on the CAN buses, the device can be used in applications that are sensitive to power and safety.


CANnector is available in different hardware versions, which differ only in the number of supported interfaces. The maximum number of interfaces is eight CAN(FD), two LIN, two Digital IO, and one EtherCAT slave interface as well as Ethernet and USB. The EtherCAT slave interface is implemented using an Anybus CompactCom technology from HMS, allowing future support of other industrial Ethernet protocols as well. USB extensions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available as an option.


Ixxat CANnector offers numerous additional functions which enable for example live data visualization and simulation using mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) via Wi-Fi, or cloud connectivity via OPC-UA, MQTT or via HMS Hub—HMS’ own solution for industrial data connectivity.


Using the EtherCAT slave interface, CANnector enables a direct connection of CAN(FD)-based networks to industrial Ethernet networks or a PLC. All functions can be executed in parallel on the CANnector device so that logging of data can be executed in parallel to CAN(FD) bridging and data visualization on mobile devices.


HMS provides a free Windows tool that enables easy configuration of CANnector, in which the "connections" between source and target are established using a Drag and Drop concept. CAN(FD) bus descriptions can optionally be imported for configuration. The standard range of functions can be extended using the integrated development and debug environment and own C-user code or Matlab/Simulink models, which can be executed directly on the device.


Dimensions (L x W x H)196 x 113 x 43 mm
Protection classIP40
WeightApprox. 790 g
Operating temperature-40° to +80°C
Power supply6-36 V DC
Current consumptionTyp. 420 mA at 12 V (sleep mode < 2 mA)
Housing materialAluminum, stainless steel
Relative humidity10-95 %, non-condensing
Host systemPower PC, 256 MByte RAM, 256 MByte Flash
Ethernet10/100 MBit/s, RJ45
USB2.0 high-speed device, USB-B
2.0 high-speed device, USB-A
CAN FD transceiverMicrochip MCP2562FD
CAN RX onlyHardware switchable
CAN high-speed transceiver Texas Instruments SN65HVD251
CAN bus termination resistorHigh-speed/CAN-FD: none
LIN transceiverNXP TJA1020


  • DIN rail mountable
  • Industrial Ethernet support (like EtherCAT)
  • Up to 8 CAN (FD) channels in one device
  • CAN listen only (CAN RX) for data logging use-cases
  • Only a few µs delay of frames in classical gateway applications
  • Switch-on CAN (self switch on in case of any CAN communication or a defined message)
  • Up to 4 kV galvanic isolation
  • Compatible to the Ixxat CAN@net Generic Ethernet protocol and CAN@net NT protocol
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