Thermal Insulation Ceramic Blankets


Cotronics’ 370R REACH compliant ceramic blankets are made from alkaline earth silicate wool and were specifically designed for use in applications that require highly efficient thermal insulation and compliance with strict safety requirements and regulations. 370R blankets are thermally stable to 2730ºF, flexible, resilient and have excellent non-wetting characteristics, low heat storage and extremely low shrinkage. 

Cotronics’ REACH compliant, high temperature, ceramic blankets are designed to replace noncompliant, RCF blankets. Applications include: furnace and boiler linings; chemical reactors, ovens, door seals, reusable steam and gas turbine insulation; mold wraps and investment castings, expansion joint packing, high temperature filters, fire protection, sound absorption, non contaminating brazing and sintering separators, melting furnace back up insulation, aluminum ladle and trough covers and more. REACH compliant, ceramic blankets offer excellent resistance to chemicals and splashes of molten metal, oil and water. Not recommended for use with HF, H3PO4, NaOH and KOH. An Insulation Thickness Selector guide is available to calculate the required thickness the ceramic blanket should be. Cotronics’ 370R Ceramic Blanket rolls are available in five thicknesses: 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”, 1 1/2” and 2”.


  • thermally stable to 2730ºF
  • flexible
  • excellent non-wetting characteristics

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