Thermally Conductive Adhesive has High Temperature Resistant Up to 400°F


EP21AOHT is a high temperature resistant two component, thermally conductive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, and coating developed by Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, NJ. This versatile system has a good thermal conductivity of over 1.44 Watt/meter°K (10 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F) and adheres unusually well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics and many plastics. As an adhesive, it forms high strength bonds of 5000 psi in tensile strength, 2000 psi in shear and over 20,000 psi in compression. As a matter of fact its compressive modulus is 620,000 psi. EP21AOHT resists a wide range of chemicals including water, oils, fuels, and some solvents over the wide temperature range of 60°F to 400°F (-50°C to +205°C). The EP21AOHT paste features easy application with a convenient, non-critical, one to one mixing ratio and a convenient self leveling feature so it goes on evenly and smoothly. Versatile cure schedules are available ranging from room temperature cures or fast elevated temperature cures in a short 40 minutes or starting as low as 150°F (65°C). EP21AOHT has excellent electrical insulation properties with a dielectric strength greater than 400 volts/mil. It also possesses a low coefficient of thermal expansion (COE/CTE) of only 20 in/in x 10-6/°C, low shrinkage and excellent dimensional stability. It is available in pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

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