Thermally Stable Chemical-Resistant Epoxy


Widely used in the electronic, aerospace, optical, and specialty OEM industries, Master Bond EP126 excels in high-temperature applications up to +600°F.


This two-component product features unique handling properties as Part A is a moderate viscosity liquid and Part B is a powder. It can be easily mixed using a forgiving 100 to 50 ratio by weight. Mixed system is a malleable paste, with an exceedingly long open time of more than 5 days for a 100-gm batch. Curing is straightforward; 3-4 hours at 300°F or 2-3 hr at 350°F.


EP126 is dimensionally stable, has low shrinkage upon curing and is machineable. It also is a very good electrical insulator, especially as it retains high dielectric strength at elevated temperatures. When used as an adhesive and sealant, EP126 can be conveniently applied with a spatula or knife.


Product specifications:

  • high tensile lap shear strength of over 2,800 psi
  • tensile modulus of 425,000-475,000 psi
  • compressive strength of 32,000-34,000 psi
  • –80 to 600°F temperature range
  • 6-month shelf life
  • kits range from 1/2 pint to 5 gal


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