Thermeez 397PS Is A Thermally Insulating Woven Ceramic Sticky Tape


A highly efficient, high temperature, thermally insulating, woven ceramic tape backed with high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive that’s easy to align and simple to apply.  Eliminate the twisting; slipping and unwrapping that normally occur with standard tapes.  The adhesive backing simplifies tape placement and assures a neat and uniform installation for any thermal and electrical insulation application.

Ideal for any industrial, maintenance, research and production application including: Insulating wires, thermocouples, induction coils, sensors, tongs and glass-handling equipment, handling molten metals, hose or wire covers, flange gaskets, expansion joints, oven door seals, pipe wrapping, welding arc and molten metal splash protection, etc.

Thermeez 397PS is woven from durable, flexible, industrial grade ceramic fibers that have excellent chemical stability and resistance to thermal shock, corrosive attack, mechanical vibration and stress.  Thermeez products are user-friendly and unlike fiberglass, non-irritating to the skin.  They are non-toxic and will not burn.  They meet OSHA requirements and the U.S. Coast Guards requirements for non-combustible material.  Cotronics’ products are formulated for ease-of-use and with safety in mind.

Packaged in easy-to-use, job sized rolls: 1, 2 or 3 inches wide and 25 feet long.  A sample kit containing 1/32”, 1/8” and 1/16” thick, 2” wide by 5-foot long rolls of 397 Sticky Tape is available for $24.95.  High Temperature Materials Handbook is included with order.

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