ThermoAssistTM Heats Up Cool Applications


Cold storage warehousing requires lift truck operators to wear layers of clothing or work from specially fitted cabs to stay productive and warm. Now Crown Equipment Corporation introduces a cost-effective and functional solution to the chilling realities found in the warehouse freezer. ThermoAssist™ and ThermoAssist+™ offer cold storage companies a more economical and ergonomic solution to improving operator comfort and safety. ThermoAssist, designed for reach trucks dedicated to freezer environments, includes pad heaters for the back and arm, a console enclosure and a mast air deflector that redirects airflow away from the operator. Additionally, ThermoAssist+ provides warm air to the multi-task handle and steer tiller through adjustable vents. A leg and foot warmer, available on certain models, directs heat at the operator’s feet and lower legs for added comfort. The warming features found with ThermoAssist and ThermoAssist+ offer a viable alternative to add-on cabs without the high costs and operational challenges associated with them. Cabs provide some relief from the elements, but limit visibility, mobility and communication with others. Customers will discover increased productivity from improved operator ? comfort, reduced fatigue and fewer (or shorter) warm-up breaks. ThermoAssist and ThermoAssist+ accomplish this without reducing visibility, mobility or communication. “Crown recognized a customer need,” said Product Manager Rod Squires. “Utilizing a unique design approach, Crown’s solution increases overall productivity. We believe that in freezer environments more warmth and comfort for the operator leads to a more productive, efficient and safe warehouse.” Operators already using ThermoAssist and ThermoAssist+ report feeling warmer and less fatigued, which enables them to withstand cold temperatures for longer periods of time. “With ThermoAssist and ThermoAssist+, operators remain focused on the task, rather than staying warm,” Squires added.
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