Thermocouple Simulator


Omega’s new CL540ZA series of thermocouple simulators check and calibrate all thermocouple instruments. The easy-to-read backlight display makes this product usable even in the darkest areas of the plant. The CL540ZA series works with 14 thermocouple types: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, G, C, D, L (J-DIN), U (T-DIN) and P (Platinel II). The CL540ZA can be used to calibrate a thermocouple input instrument and can be used for measuring temperature in a manufacturing facility. Perfect for Calibration Labs, Automotive and Chemical industries.


  source 14 Thermocouple Types
    easily Change Thermocouple Types and Scale
    compatible with All Process Instruments
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