Thern Winches Power Processing Industry


September 8, 2008, Winona, MN. – Bulk processing operators across the country are turning to Thern, Inc. to provide power winches able to handle their toughest applications.

Thern’s full line of heavy-duty power winches provide customers with load capacities up to 100,000 lbs and feature rugged construction capable of handling the toughest jobs and conditions. With a large selection of worm/spur, helical/spur and helical/parallel winches available to customers, Thern is able to provide standard and custom units that meet customer requirements and provide maximum load handling power.

Thern wi nches feature highly innovative designs, like the recently manufactured 4HPF70M series. A helical-parallel gear winch, the gear set combines power with maximum efficiency in a compact motor design. A switch yard operator uses the 4HPF70M for pulling and positioning rail cars.

Thern’s power winch line makes it easy for operators to choose the features and options they require for their application. Standard options include grooved drums, special drum lengths and diameters, limits switches and special finishes. Most winches are available with a clutch option to facilitate rapid payout of wire rope and all winches can be configured for special voltages.

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2008, Thern, Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of winches, cranes and hoists for virtually any industrial or processing application. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN and markets its products worldwide.
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