Thickness Gage


Danatronics is pleased to announce our latest new product introduction; the ECHO 9 Series of ultrasonic thickness gages.  Packaged in a custom designed for IP67 rated case, the ECHO 9 series combines both a corrosion and precision thickness gage into one unit.  In its most popular configuration, ECHO 9 series is an extremely capable ultrasonic thickness gage for primarily  measuring the wall thickness of metal structures subject to corrosion.

Key features of the ECHO 9: 

  • 3.5” sunlight readable color display
  • Re-chargeable Lithium Ion battery via usb port
  • 32 character file name and 20 character id with essentially unlimited memory via removable SD card up to 32 GB
  • Wide thickness range of .006-23” in steel depending on probe and mode of operation
  • Graphic display with multiple on-screen languages
  • Field upgradable software options for Datalogger with b-scan, real time A-scan and precision gaging .0001” or .001 mm resolution
  • Vibrate and change color on alarm
  • Fast Min/Max displays actual as well as Min and Max thickness readings simultaneously
  • Re-calibration notification
  • Available custom rubber boot with built in stand and 4 point chest harness
  • Datalogger interfaces with Microsoft Excel


  • 3.5” sunlight readable color display
  • fast Min/Max displays
  • re-calibration notification

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