THK Introduces The New Self-Adjusting Power Linear Bush Delivering Higher Load Capacity And Longer Service Life


THK’s Power Linear Bush has extremely smooth and quiet motion due to a uniquely designed ball retainer and outer sleeve. They are constructed of synthetic polymer, which is lightweight, low friction and highly wear-resistant. These characteristics enable moving parts to have rapid motion while requiring lower driving power thereby reducing energy costs.

The convex shape of the ball plate provides a pivot point at the center which allows a self-adjustment capability up to 0.5°. This self-adjustment capability eliminates any possibility of edge pressure caused by inaccurate machining, errors in mounting, or shaft deflection. Self-adjustment capability can compensate for inaccuracies in base machining, reducing installation time and costs.

The Power Linear Bush's ball plates are designated to float in the outer sleeve. This allows clearance between the balls and shaft to be adjusted according to application. The Power Linear Bush is designed to be fully interchangeable with conventional linear bushings.
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