Thomson Introduces Instant Quote Tool


Thomson Industries has created an online instant quote tool that helps design engineers save time during the selection and purchase process of its customized 60 Case shafting. By providing real-time pricing and instant access to lead times for chosen products, the intuitive, self-service tool allows designers to more quickly and easily procure the correct parts for their machines with special machined options.


For example, a user may require a custom coaxial hole, a flat, a journal reduction, or any other customization or combination thereof. With the online tool, users can easily make design changes in real-time and quickly customize from different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel or chrome plated. Thomson’s interface can also help users assign threads to tapped holes.


“Traditionally, this type of on-demand manufacturing has not been available for linear motion,” said Kyle Thompson, Thomson’s Product Innovation Manager. “We have created a tool that allows our customers to upload their 3D part model and instantly access our component’s price and lead time, and the ability to purchase.” The instant quote tool also allows users to easily change material and quantity requirements with the click of a button.


Traditionally, engineers would be required to design a component using 3D modeling software, then create a toleranced 2D print to be manually submitted to Thomson for quoting. This process could take several days. Any changes to the 3D model would need to be reflected in the 2D print and then resubmitted for quoting. With Thomson’s new instant quote tool, engineers can simply upload their 3D model to see price and lead time and are even provided with the option to order the product immediately. “The tool eliminates the need for a 2D drawing, enabling design engineers to upload a custom 3D model and select a specific part, configure materials and lead time, and get an instant quote,” said Thompson.


Instant 3D Quote Tool_screencap1.JPG


The instant quote tool is currently available for Thomson 60 Case shafting, extending to applications requiring hardened shafts or pins, with other products in the works, including ball screws and lead screws. For more information on the Thomson instant quote tool, please visit:

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