Three Choices for Tapping Solution


Customers can select the pneumatic tapping arm system, motor and tap holder that best meets their needs. with these three parallel arm tapping machine options, which will generate savings through improved operator utilization, reduced set-up times, reduced material handling and improved material flow.

The Quick-Tap system features a working area reach of 37 in. and is best suited for small and medium size taps.

The Shop-Tap is the choice for general purpose tapping and has a working area reach of 62 inches.  With a working area reach of 55 in.

The Production–Tap can be used for a wide range of general purpose to heavy duty tapping.

All three have variable mounting capabilities.


  • variable mounting
  • The Quick-Tap: small and medium size taps/ 37-in. reach

  • Shop-Tap: general purpose tapping/ 62-in.  reach

  • Production–Tap: general purpose to heavy duty tapping/ 55-in. reach

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