Three-Level Low Harmonic Drive


One of the industry’s first, three-level, low harmonic drives, the Altivar Regenerative 980 Compact (ATV980) Low Harmonic Drive, is an active front end (AFE) drive that has a three-level input switching stage, which reduces common mode voltage and improves performance and efficiency.


The ATV980 is a high-performance solution for low voltage applications and is a user-friendly variable speed AC Drive System. It enables business optimization through improved lifecycle asset management and optimized energy consumption by enabling full information and operational technology convergence.


Altivar980 for oil & gas and mechanical movement applications

  • Provides flexibility in regenerative applications for upstream production by avoiding the use of baking resistors
  • Compact in nature, internal application functions such as Energy Adaptive Function allow for greater energy savings


  • Robustness of high overload capacity, with overload capability of 20%
  • An Ethernet port maximizes services such as connection to the control room and full process transparency.
  • Circuit breaker disconnect
  • Four enclosure frame sizes
  • UL Listed per UL 508A
  • 100,000 AIC short-circuit rating  
  • Disconnect handle with lockout/tagout provisions
  • Door mounted keypad holder and display
  • One form C AFC Trip contact
  • One form C AFC Run Mode contact
  • Six programmable digital inputs
  • Standard 3% input impedance
  • Standard color RAL735
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