Three-speed SSW 18V Impact Wrench


Metabo Corporation introduces the new SSW18 18V 1/2 inch impact wrench from the PowerMasterSeries of 18 V lithium-ion cordless power tools.   In addition to a maximum torque of 1,947 inch-lbs, the SSW18 features three electronic speed ranges from 0 rpm to 1,600 rpm, 0 rpm to 2,150 rpm and 0 rpm to 2,650 rpm.
Metabo's superior tool ergonomics and compact cordless design make this impact wrench ideal for joiners and fitters who assemble pipe, valve flange connections and structural steel fastening.  It is also perfect for mechanics that repair cars and trucks.  The lightweight tool's pistol-grip design and readily accessible trigger button make reaching the tightest spaces easy and less tiresome. Using guided air flow ducting, Metabo's proven air-cooled charging technology cools the battery pack to a level temperature during charging.  This increases productivity by shortening the charging process by 30% and sustains battery life by keeping the individual cells cooler during the charging process.  Two Lithium-ion battery packs (18 V/2.6 Ah) with capacity display for checking the charge status come standard with the tool.


Metabo's state-of-the-art cell monitoring concept, Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP), electronically monitors the battery's individual cells during the charging and discharging process to prevent damage.  This concept ensures prolonged life of the battery that is covered by Metabo's XXL three-year warranty, which also includes the tool and charger.


Metabo's exclusive Variospeed electronics for infinitely variable speeds on the new SSW18 impact wrench enables the user to easily adjust the tool from the lowest to the highest setting.  Weighing just 4.1 lbs and measuring 6 13/16" long, the lightweight and compact wrench uses a die cast aluminum gear housing for optimum heat dissipation and stability.


* Type of battery pack Li-Ion * Battery voltage 18 V * Capacity of battery pack 2.6 Ah * RPM/Tightening Torque (in. lbs.) - speed range 1 0-1,600 / 708 - speed range 2 0-2,150 / 1,106 - speed range 3 0-2,650 / 1,416 * Max Impacts/minute - speed range 1 1,500 - speed range 2 2,700 - speed range 3 3,300 * Bit retainer 1/4" hex * Length 6 9/16" * Weight (including battery pack) 4 lbs.
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